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Дата випускуНазваАвтор(и)
2019The Actual Issues of Multicultural Education in Ukraine Besarab RegionBukhnieva, O.; Bankul, L.
2016The Comparative Analysis of the Modern Methods of Defining the Intellectual Development Level of ChildrenПрокоф’єва, Л.; Прокофьева, Л.; Prokofieva, L.
2020The Functioning of fictional anthroponyms in R.B. Sheridan's plays «The school for scandal» and «The rivals»Слободяк, С.; Slobodiak, S.
2011The Functions of the Classical Images in the Ukrainian Baroque PoetryShevchuk, Т.; Шевчук, Т.
2016The influence of education in the magistrates to enrich the creative potential of studentsDragiieva, L.; Драгієва, Л.
2013The Influence of the Romanian Language on the Grammar of the Ukrainian South-Bessarabia DialectsKolesnykov, A.
2015The Legends of the Serpent Island in the Danube DeltaShevchuk, Т.; Шевчук, Т.
2013The Peculiarities of the Adverbs Functioning of the Dialect Spoken in the v. Shevchenkove, Kiliya district, Odessa RegionDelyusto, M.
2018The Practical Aspect of the Application of Methods for Assessing the Economic Decisions of EnterprisesYakovenko, О.; Яковенко, Е.
2016The Problem of Ethnic Self-identity of Students of the Ukrainian Danube RegionProkofieva, L.; Прокоф'єва, Л.О.; Прокофьева, Л.А.
2020The problem of study of a screenplayЧетверікова, О.; Chetverikova, О.
2017The Problem of the Prevention of Ethnic Conflicts in the Educational Space in the Context of a Poly-national RegionProkofieva, L.; Прокоф'єва, Л.О.; Прокофьева, Л.А.
2020The problems and peculiarities of digital nativesVdovenkо Т., Т.; Вдовенко, Т.
2017The Prospects of the Volunteer Movement in the Izmail Region, in the Context of European TraditionsFurdui, S.B; Фурдуй, С.Б.
2017The Tragedy of Famine of 1946-1947 in Bessarabia in the Artistic Project “Hunger” by YonaTukuserShevchuk, Т.
2018Theoretic and methodological aspects of forming physical culture of the person of student youthЯрчук, Г.; Yarchuk, G.
2019Theoretical-methodological background of the modeling of the project activity of the sociomonomic sphereФурдуй, Світлана; Furduy, Svitlana; Furdui, S.; Фурдуй, С.
2020Tolerance in modern english pressВдовенко, Т.; Vdovenko, T.
2016Translation of realia in the works of L. Tolstoy and A. SolzhenitsynШиляєва, Т.